Friday, February 19, 2010

What about that Curling?

I like to watch the winter Olympics. All that snow, ice, cold weather -- love it! But what about curling? I learned today that it is a deep and abiding passion of Canadians who live on the prairies. Sounded good -- I'm from the prairies of Illinois. I guess it doesn't translate; I can't quite figure out the lure of the sport. You send a rock down the lane and sweep the ice in front of it to get it to go to the desired spot. Sort of like croquet on ice? billiards? baci-ball?

Once I met members of a Scottish curling team when they were visiting New York. They were sprightly gentlemen who cared a lot about their team ties and jackets. And beer. And they told some wonderful jokes that I cannot remember. Must have been the beer.

Maybe I'll get curling one of these days.