Saturday, April 23, 2011

Christmas to Easter

So much has happened since I last posted! (I've been over on my heraldry blog.) Trader Joe opened a huge new store on the corner of 72nd and Broadway. At first, the stock was thin and there wasn't much variety. The fruit looked old and the vegetables were lumpy and pale. Last Thursday, I went back to buy some 99 cent greeting cards and saw that the shelves were full, interesting, and lots of people were buying things like chicken pizza, bananas, and cake. The store was buzzing, everyone seemed happy, and it was a bright spot in a dull day.

Trader Joe was joined by a new 24-hour, 2-story Duane Reade a little over month ago. It's like a mall anchor store -- big, bright, all glass, lots of stuff. They ran out of Easter candy a week early; "seasonal" is now baseball. I still have my $5 off a $15 purchase -- last coupon, so I'm hanging onto it until I need to buy something big or a lot of little things.

Rain today -- sunshine for Easter?