Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hey, You Never Know ...

I never posted the happy ending of the New-York Historical Society Library saga. At some point late last year, the library updated its policy to permit researchers to carry 5 sheets of loose paper into the Reading Room. I'd like to claim credit for this one -- thanks to intrepid reporter Emily Baer of the West Side Rag -- but something tells me heavier hitters were at work. Perhaps that specter on the winding staircase had something to say ... Anyway, the news is good.

"All Klingenstein Library patrons must register before conducting research and will be asked to provide current government-issued photo identification. Klingenstein Library patrons may bring laptops, digital cameras, cell phones and five (5) sheets of loose research notes, which will be stamped by the library staff, into the Reading Room; but personal belongings, including coats or bags, must be left at the coat check on the first floor. The Klingenstein Library will provide researchers with paper and pencils for taking notes."