Sunday, April 13, 2014


Sunday, April 14, 2014.  Report from the front.  Fairway is one holy mess this morning, as Passover and Palm Sunday collide.  I went early, thinking it wouldn't be too bad.  All the checkout lanes were jammed, but the express led almost back to the entrance on 74th/Broadway.  Breathe, step, inch forward ... got konked in the shin by a shopper with an over-full basket and nowhere to move. 

Can't wait to see the lines across the street, outside Levain, the destination bakery.  (I'll be hitting the deli downstairs.)  You have to be battle-ready to shop at Fairway the days before holidays.  At least everyone seemed happy and ready to go.  Overheard:  "Are you all done?"  "No, I have to clean my kitchen."  "Oh, I did that last night."  "Wow -- good for you."  Just life, ordinary life.  Life all around.

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